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Chelse Prather starts faculty position at Radford University

Chelse from FBChelse will be starting an Assistant Professor job at Radford University in Virginia in August 2014. We’re submitting an NSF proposal at the same time, and if it is successful she’ll continue to work with us at the UH Coastal Center in the future.



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Greg Breed starts faculty position at University of Alaska

Greg Breed starts faculty position at University of Alaska

Pennings lab alumni Greg Breed will be starting an Assistant Professor job at the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska this summer. Greg did an undergraduate internship in our lab working with marsh crabs, went on to get a PhD in 2009, did postdocs at UCSC and Harvard, and a Banting Fellowship at the University of Alaska in 2012.

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May 12, 2014 · 2:09 pm

Laurie Marczak starts new job

In August, Laurie took a position as a senior ecologist with the consulting company R2 Resource Consultants ( in Redmond WA.  She’s moved to Seattle, and is evaluating environmental impacts and developing restoration plans for rivers in the Pacific Northwest.


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Liz Wason starts new job in Michigan

Liz is now writing about science for a magazine published at the University of Michigan.  She’s covering the “natural science beat”, which includes 18 departments in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and a broad array of research work related to physics, astronomy, ecology, molecular biology, earth sciences, and more.  Here’s a link to the sciencey radio show that she produced while on the road after graduation:

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Chris Gabler starting new job

Chris Gabler is now officially working for the USGS, leading an effort to model the effects of macroclimatic drivers on wetland structure and function across the northern Gulf Coast. This model will be used to identify climate thresholds and assess sensitivity and risk associated with future climate change for the sake of informing land and resource management and decision making by coastal producers.

We will still be seeing Chris regularly, however, because he’ll be maintaining an office at UH so that he can continue to collaborate with us.Image

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