Huy, Kazik and Steve publish paper on how crabs engineer creek growth

The first paper from Huy’s dissertation is now published in Ecology. Huy compared four species of burrowing crabs and shows how one of them, Sesarma reticulatum, engineers the growth of headward-eroding creeks in tidal marshes in Georgia and South Carolina. This work got going with a phone call from Duncan FitzGerald at Boston University to Steve a number of years ago, and it has been a pleasure to interact with the FitzGerald lab as the work has progressed. The photograph shows the head of an eroding creek, with the area to the bottom left heavily burrowed by crabs, the central area soft unconsolidated mud, and the area to the upper right re-vegetating along the creek channel. The pipes and wood are part of an experiment (more on that when we get to paper 4…).

Read all about it: Vu, H., K. Wieski, S. C. Pennings. 2017. Ecosystem engineers drive creek formation in salt marshes. Ecology 98:162-174.



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